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NYC residential real estate displays compelling investment characteristics:
• Demand: people will always want to live and work in NYC (financial capital; recent high-tech and media/entertainment drivers)
• Supply: supply constrained market
• Flow of Funds: primary markets such as NYC will always attract investor and lender interest
BRG prides itself on our approach to improving buildings and generating tenant satisfaction.



BRG prides itself on its customer service.  We believe that a company’s success is driven by the people who interact with its customers.  As such, property managers and building superintendents are trained to be attentive to detail, responsive to tenant needs and to anticipate tenant requests.

Property Enhancement


From renewing or adding ammeneties to the modernization or replacement of integral building systems, a prime focus at BRG is the enhancement of the property to improve residents quality of life.



BRG believes in investing in quality buildings located in attractive locations.  Easy access to transportation for quick commute times to work is an important factor in tenants’ decision to move to a BRG property.

Curb Appeal


We want tenants to take pride in the properties they choose to live in.  As such, BRG invests capital  to maintain an attractive exterior appearance.

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